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Welcome to Cocreators - Bridging the Gaps

A Message from Charlotte, founder Cocreator-BtG & Accountability Partner

I’m Charlotte; a mum; a wife; a daughter; an aunt; a Governor; a Football Coach; a closet amateur dramatics enthusiast and an Executive HR/Business Improvement professional (FCIPD) with over 25 years' worth of experience and four PLCs under my belt.

I am passionate about the growth & development for both individuals and businesses; now and for the future.

As we navigate the 5th Industrial Revolution, it's evident that there's a significant gap between leaving the secondary education setting and entering the workplace. Whilst vocational qualifications aim to bridge a technical gap, we mustn't overlook the importance of transferrable soft skills. These skills are becoming increasingly crucial, if not more important, as AI takes over many vocational jobs. We at Cocreators-BtG call them POWER SKILLS.


I have stood on this soapbox for many years. At school, I hadn't quite understood why I was so despondent and chose to leave in the middle of my A-Levels.  By the age of 25, I realised it was because I just could not translate what I was being taught into real life and it made me frustrated. Having gone to college to study business; then university; it all started to make sense. I then landed my first job as a training & development manager, and everything just fell into place. Ever since then, I have passionately driven the need for soft skills development as an equal to technical skills.

We now have AI to weave into the mix and a lot of the secondary curriculum content and assessments feel like they are becoming less and less relevant. I am so passionate about soft skill development and the future of work, that I am regularly invited to speak at leadership conferences regarding what the future of work will look like.


27 years on from my own education experience; with my 16-year-old (GEN Z) about to sit his GCSEs, and in his short life having experienced 2 industrial revolutions and a pandemic; I genuinely and respectfully see little change at all.


And so, Cocreators Bridging the Gaps is born! For the last 16 weeks (Jan-April 24), I have been on a steep learning curve and experienced MANY of the emotions associated to some of our learning micro bites! I, along with my own accountability partner, 4 secondary school age Gen Zs and some good friends to support & test - have curated, designed, and implemented over 100 learning micro bites, scrolling infographics, 35 hot topic e-books, a website, a content management system, a chat bot and a membership portal. As I complete this final page of the website, I can honestly say I am proud and excited to be starting this journey to effect positive societal change and cannot wait to get project Gen Z underway and cocreate with some fabulous experts. The content and tech will evolve over time but is our starting point to project Gen Z.


I cannot sign off this page without saying the biggest thank you to my family who have watched me work tirelessly, 7 days a week, to get to this point. We have all forgone the treats in life having become a one income family in December '23 to follow what I believe is my "Why" and my purpose in life. 

Over 25 years' worth of experience, skills, qualifications, industry knowledge and passion dissected into over 100 learning micro bites, curated & designed for all areas within the community to suit all 4 learning styles. This is home grown product and priced accordingly, but by 2025 will be a leading-edge product that everyone will be talking about BUT we can only do this with the support of your membership as at least 50% will go directly into the project.

Thank you so much for visiting our site - we hope you come on the journey with us and become a member. But for now, scroll our micro bites , read the description, and if something resonates, please do buy one for just £7 (exc. VAT) - whilst it's not got the technical prowess it will have by the end of the year, we promise there is a nugget of magic in there for everyone. :)

Discover more about Project Gen Z and our passion to revolutionise at grass roots level HERE.

Passion Led Us Here

Our Vision & Mission 

Our vision is to ensure all generations are equipped with the tools to adapt in an everchanging VUCA world; our generations are happy, prepared and thriving in the workforce now and in the future and we will leave a lasting sustainable and inclusive legacy our future generations will be proud of.

Our primary mission is to bridge the ever-growing skills gaps between education & business and the future of work.

We will achieve this by providing affordable leading-edge products & support services which are accessible to the whole community. Be it off the shelf one hour micro learning bites; the delivery of inclusive “lunch and learn” or “dine and develop” webinars; or a more tailored offering at very affordable price points; we believe we can bridge the gaps the 5th Industrial revolution will and has already created. 

Our values & bold CSR strategy will ensure we always maintain an ethical model & practice.

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