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Cocreators - BtG

Bespoke Services

Whilst our online resources are updated all the time and very easy for individuals to self-learn or to be facilitated by for teams, you may wish to have an external facilitator who can work with you to create the right content for your strategy.

You may even need an accountability partner or someone to scenario plan with you....... This is most definitely something we can help with.

Affordable Packages

Cocreators-BtG offer additional services via 3 affordable packages. Depending on your need, which we will discuss in your free 30 minute discovery call, we will come up with a solution and recommended time frame to support you on your journey. Our packages are offered in 1, 5 & 10 day packages (which can be utilised over a 6 month period) - scaling down in price the more days we work with you. For our education settings, we offer free sessions for your students.

With the power of our AI support, we can assure you that our solutions will be speedy, efficient and in line with your company culture.

Find out more about the services we provide and how they can support your business below.

Scenario Planning

- Strategy, Culture & Values Redesign, align & Implementation

- Organisational Design, Development & Improvement

- Change Management & Impact Measuring

- Curation & Story Telling

Scenario planning is a strategic planning technique that organisations use to navigate uncertainty and make informed decisions in complex and unpredictable environments. It involves exploring multiple possible future scenarios based on different variables, such as technological advancements, market trends, political changes, or social shifts. These scenarios are represented as narratives or stories that describe a plausible future state. Each scenario is distinct and represents a different set of circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.

The purpose of scenario planning is not to predict the future, but rather to create a framework for thinking about and understanding different possible futures. By considering a range of scenarios, organisations can develop strategies and contingency plans that are flexible and adaptable. It allows them to identify potential risks, opportunities, and potential actions to take in each scenario.

Scenario planning helps organisations to be proactive rather than reactive in their decision-making process. It encourages strategic thinking, fosters innovation, and enhances resilience by considering a broader range of possibilities and preparing for various outcomes. By exploring different scenarios, organisations can better understand the potential implications of their decisions and develop robust strategies that can withstand future uncertainties.


Accountability Partnering

- Coaching & Mentoring

- Team Development/ Building

- Project Facilitation

- Cocreation & Collaboration

An external accountability partner in business serves as an independent and objective advisor who helps guide and support the organisations/ teams and individuals achieve their goals. They provide guidance, challenge assumptions, and hold the business accountable for its actions and outcomes. By offering an external perspective, expertise, and feedback, they help foster growth, improve decision-making, and ensure continuous improvement within the organisation.

Having an accountability partner offers several benefits for a business. First, they provide goal clarity and focus by helping you define clear objectives and keeping you on track to achieve them. Their regular check-ins, feedback, and celebration of successes also increases motivation to stay on track with goals.

Second, an accountability partner enhances your accountability by holding you responsible for your actions and commitments. This prevents procrastination and ensures that you follow through on your plans. Their objective perspective and unbiased insights also help you make better decisions and overcome challenges more effectively.

Lastly, working with an accountability partner brings valuable expertise, guidance, and industry knowledge to your business. They offer expert advice, fresh ideas, and constructive criticism to help you improve your business strategies and operations. Additionally, their support contributes to your personal development as a business owner/ leader/ team enabling you to identify areas for growth and continuously improve your own skills and performance.

Book in a FREE Discovery Call

If you're unsure of whether you need or even want a Cocreator Accountability Partner, why not utilise your free discovery call and find out!

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