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Our Membership 

So many reasons to join...

Access all areas and 20% off all Cocreator-BtG Services



Membership benefits

end of July

**Unlimited Access**: As a member, you will have unlimited access all areas on the learning & Insights hub, giving you the freedom to explore and learn at your own pace. With membership, you gain access to a vast array of dynamic resources updated all the time including a monthly e-book on each hot topic every month which we believe you will love.

 **Affordability**: With an affordable membership priced accordingly based on affordability, you receive 20% off any other Cocreators-BtG services and a free 30-minute discovery call. Based on our individual membership cost, each learning micro bite will cost you less than .70p per person (price based on 100 micro bites)!

Annual Membership Prices (exc. VAT):

Individual - £70

Education/ Small business under 49 employees- £400

Small business of 50 but under 249 employees - £700

Businesses 250 + employees - £1000

Not for profit and PPG - Free

 **Custom Learning Packages**: You will have the opportunity to create and rebrand your own learning packages, tailoring them to fit your specific needs and setting. This personalised approach ensures that you gain the most relevant skills needed for an individual or your learning strategy.

**Exclusive Updates**: Members receive updates and previews of new content, giving them a head start on upcoming topics and learning resources.

 **Community Involvement**: 50% of your membership fee is directed towards societal projects and/or charitable donations to our 5  partner charities, allowing you to make a positive impact on the community while you learn.

**Future-Readiness**: The platform focuses on integration with the 5th Industrial revolution, helping you to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing job market and life in general! Members will gain exclusive access to the Learning & Insights Hub and have their 2024 membership charge locked in for 2025 if joined by end July 2024!

**Networking Opportunities**: As a member, you can connect with other like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and mutual learning.

How does it work?

Learning & Insights hub

As a member, you will have access all areas to our developing Learning & Insights hub. Here you can review all the topics, you can even intertwine topics with one another which might support to create a development day or team building or inset day. You will be able to get involved in all online forums and contribute and feedback on the developments of our projects.

You will have your own log in details to view the content and updates at your own leisure. The hub is dynamic, which means it will be continuously updated all the time with new learning micro bites, insights, recorded sessions and webinars. The content can remain and be used within the hub OR it can be downloaded, rebranded (presentation only) and put onto your own LMS/ intranet.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, inclusivity aims - not for profit and any families on PPG will receive FREE membership.

Please note that our hub is homegrown and will evolve into something quite dynamic and spectacular over time, but for now, enjoy some really great content and insight on some really hot topics.

Can I Cancel?

Of course you can cancel it, but the membership is an annual non refundable cost, we just wont renew for 2025 at the locked in 2024 price.

Don't forget 2025 is when all the magic really starts and where our 2024 members will have exclusive access to the new AI platform for the same price paid in 2024.

We do recommend you purchase one micro learning bite to ensure your satisfaction.

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