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Power Skills & Micro Bites

Welcome to the Cocreators online store where you can purchase single micro bites for only £7!

Each micro bite comprises; a set of infographics, 1 of 12 ebooks and an editable powerpoint presentation with facilitator notes. 

With over 100 micro bites you will find them categorised into their relevant Power Skill. 

If, like us, you want to learn more about any of our micro bites and power skills, please buy more on this page or gain the ultimate "ACCESS ALL AREAS" pass with our annual membership

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This Power Skills category is split into several micro bites. You can either buy 1 Micro Bite as a "one-off purchase" for £7, OR become a Cocreator member with an "ACCESS ALL AREAS" pass to ALL Micro Bites and ALL Cocreator content within all categories as a Cocreator Member (an annual membership fee is required). If you opt for a one-off purchase, you will be sent an email once your purchase is successful.
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